• Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA)- Compiling Annual Air Emission Inventory Report,Reports due under the EPEA approval.
  • Oil sands conservation act-Applications for new Oil Sands scheme, Application to renew existing oil sands schemes ( Cat 1, 2, 3),D056: Facility license.
  • Obtaining regulatory permits for Oil and gas, waste management, mining and geothermal projects under: PLA, Water Acts, OSCA and OGCA, EPEA, AER Directives and bulletins/letters.
  • Providing guidance on emission reductions, retrofitting, energy audits (carbon foot print reduction).
  • Designing solutions for emission reduction and greenhouse gas emission reduction.
  • Liaise with all governing and regulatory bodies to obtain the necessary permits, approvals,authorizations required for Energy companies.
  • Water use report and monitoring, improving water use efficiencies for InSitu / mining oil sands projects.
  • We will develop a License liability rating and program that helps prove your due diligence and compliance to AER/OGC standards.
  • Stakeholder (first nations/ metis) communication and consultation.